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otis and marie.

Marie Laveau

Bellowing vocalist and multi instrumentalist Marie Laveau was previously the eponymous Gillian Christie acoustic project that supported Glasvegas on their last UK tour. 

Laveau could be described as a prolific songwriter with hundreds of songs credited to her. Some of which have been played and recorded all over the world.

A practicing artist/designer for Christian Dior and Prada; Glasgow School of Art alumini Laveau brings her firm sense of musical vision and attention to detail with old bohemia.

Otis Ebenhardt

Multi-instrumentalist Otis Ebenhardt was the songwriter and composer for Walnut Tree records, Glasgow based band 'Call Me Ishmael'.

The  young producer has spent  his time working in his studio in rock, pop, hip-hop, reggae, instrumental and classical music.  


Otis Ebenhardt is also known for composing and performing for instrumental outfit 'Molloi' and can be seen performing at popular weekly piano residencies.

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